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lb presents…ELISE + BURT ENGAGED

by jenny, on december 12, 2012

we love to show off our soon-to-be wedded sweethearts’ engagement photos…and it’s even better when one of our fav photogs is behind the lens! brian leahy of brian leahy photography did such a fabulous job with elise and burt – we cannot wait for their wedding this summer! the hermosa beach pier and a bit of overcast weather (a shocking, news-worthy occurrence here in southern california) turned out be a great combination for some absolutely stunning shots.

jump over to to see the full session…here are a some of our favorites!



lb presents… jenny!

by hallie, on november 29, 2012

please help us welcome jenny, the newest addition to the la bohéme team! we thought we would take a minute to introduce you to this born and raised florida girl with a passion for events …take it away jenny!

hello LB blog readers – I am so excited to be a part of this fabulous team!! after living in florida all my life, I recently ditched the humidity and the alligators to head out west. since arriving in california I haven’t stopped gushing about the weather, the gorgeous sunsets, and, of course, the wine. I love to cook, travel, play board games, and I am always up for some karaoke. most girls love sweets & can’t get enough chocolate, but you can find the way to my heart with anything made out of a potato. I am a sucker for all things wedding-related (of course), and I feel beyond privileged to have a hand in making such a special day come to life. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you, the friends of la bohéme events, and everything the future holds!

lb presents… a day of thanks

by bridget, on november 21, 2012

THANKSGIVING….this year it’s a little different for our family because we added not one, but two babes to the family (que “oh that’s why bridget’s been blog MIA for a bit” here). yep, that’s right this overly organized, detail oriented lady now is the happy mama of one beautiful girl named maddie mae. yes, life has changed and i’ve had to leave some of my polished detail  and organization skills at the door when it comes to being a mom.  believe me, this only makes me enjoy a good wedding timeline even more….ahh the planned minute-by-minute. it feels so good!

anyways, back to not bragging about my adorable baby and my disheveled new hair look….


i don’t know about you, but we have a large party that comes to the table for the holidays, so rather than provide a beautiful centerpiece that just won’t work for us (and many families), i decided to bring two easy LB thanksgiving offerings.

#1 – a fun and thoughtful way to bring the kid table to the adult table.

#2 – a recipe that’s popular at our house around the holidays. yes, it’s a cocktail!

#1 – the “we’re all equal table”

i know it’s bound to happen and my little one will end up at  her own segregated kid table later down the road, but this year i thought it would be fun to bring the kid table to the adult table. plus, in our family, we always spend the month between thanksgiving  and christmas writing down what we’re thankful for. so here it goes….

  • get some cheap brown craft paper
  • cut the paper to your desired table size
  • grab some good looking crayons, paint, or other writing utensil
  • have the kids (or adults like me who like to color) draw their own design on the table. this could be place settings with guest names, leaves, pilgrims, indians, a “that’s supposed to be a turkey” – WHATEVER floats your mayflower!
  • as your guests arrive,  have them write something they’re thankful for at their place
  • then during dinner, everyone can share what they wrote and no one is put on the spot (just in case a “big kid” may have had a few cocktails before dinner)



















#2 – the honey knocker (yes we made up the name)

this recipe’s tried and true, and quite frankly delicious and potent (you were warned inappropriate joking uncles out there). my dad actually found it in his “health” magazine a few years back. go figure!




2 c. ginger ale
750 ml dark rum
2 c. fresh lime juice
2 c. orange juice
2 c. honey (yes 2 cups!)
32 dashes of bitters

mix ingredients all together in a punch bowl & chill with a block of ice.

before LB leaves you to enjoy the holiday, we’d like to say thank you to all our clients, vendors (all who are friends), and our continued supporters. you’re definitely included in our day of thanks and all year round.



Are you our intern?

Jennifer Ebert PhotographyJennifer Ebert Photography

can you hula hoop with your eyes closed, standing on one foot, while reciting the alphabet backwards to the tune of “yankee doodle”…?  we can’t either.  but we love all things weddings and are complete organizational nerds.  even though we pride ourselves on pulling off the impossible for our clients, we can’t do it all on our own!

here is a little about what we’re looking for:

get to know venues, vendors & what they offer – help us update our records
blog – assist with weekly blog posts (will need basic photoshop/illustrator skills)
blog features & website updates – assist with submissions of past events to top event industry blogs & keeping our website images up to date
social media – stay on top of facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.
client meetings – schedule permitting, sit in on consultations and client meetings
clients – assist with planning tasks, preparing contracts, reviewing orders, emails, research projects, etc
event assistance – work as an assistant coordinator on rehearsal and event days
what you need:
a super fun, outgoing attitude
organization & focus
interest in the special events industry
your own laptop
computer & social media skills
LA – willingness to work in our woodland hills office 1-2 days a week
interested?  please email your resume to us:
LA –
denver –
big hugs to jennifer ebert photography for this gorgeous image from a recent photoshoot collaboration!!

lb presents…a wedding from another hemisphere

by sydney (from ecuador), october 11, 2012

{1,000 guests. ~4,000 potatoes. 2 days. 1 amazing experience.}

greetings from quito, ecuador! this past weekend i had the amazing opportunity that most people do not get to experience: i was a part of an ecuadorean indigenous wedding! all throughout the two-day event, my mind kept comparing customs and traditions in the states to what i was experiencing within the indigenous community. those two days of celebration in riobamba, ecuador consisted of wearing the traditional indigenous anaco (the clothing of the indigenous community), eating the strangest of foods (pig intestines and cow hooves), and finding out i was, in fact, the maid of honor of the whole event (and i only met this girl just a week before!).

i could go through the entire event and provide examples of things being different than the states: plastic chairs, performances throughout the day, a flour substance called chapu fed to all the guests, etc. but instead of all the differences, i wanted to focus on the similarities of these two colliding cultures. these amazing people, whom at first seemed so much different than me, taught me about so much of which we all experience: life, love, and the true meaning of hospitality. they welcomed us into their home without hesitation. they provided us with food, clothing, and smiles (along with stares because we were the first americans to participate in their village). the indigenous women stayed up all night, peeling one thousand potatoes for the celebration the next day. i sat with ten people (whom we shared the floor with to sleep) learning the indigenous language quichua while i exchanged theirs for english translations. these people truly know what it means to love, to live, and to celebrate the meaning of a wedding.

instead of trying to describe how amazing this wedding and this experience was during my time in riobamba, please take a look at this video! pictures are worth a thousand words, so videos must be worth more. warning: a pig head is involved.

¡felicidades a sonia y washington!